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PrintControls FAQ for Versions and Earlier

ID: W3200003

Installation and Getting Started
  Are there any prerequisites for installing PrintControls.NET?
  How do I add a PrintControls component to my Form?

Distributing PrintControls with Your Application
  PrintControls files to distribute at runtime

Installation and Getting Started

Are there any prerequisites for installing PrintControls.NET?
You need a minimum of the .NET runtime Release 1.0, and when installing you must be logged in as an Administrator.

How do I add a PrintControls component to my Form?
After you have installed the PrintControls component library you will need to add the individual components to your toolbox so that you can then drop them onto your Form. The following procedure describes how to do this:

1. Open the Visual Studio .NET editor.
2. Right click on the 'General' tab of the Toolbox, and select 'Customise Toolbox...'. (You may alternatively add it to the Windows Forms tab, or create a new tab).
3. Select the '.NET Framework Components' tab of the Customise Toolbox Dialog and scroll down until you find 'Barcode' with a namespace of TMGDevelopment.Windows.Forms. Check this, highlight the row and click the namespace column header to sort by namespace. Check all the other controls in the TMGDevelopment.Windows.Forms namespace and click OK.

You should now be able to drag any PrintControls component from the General Tab of the Toolbox onto your Form.

Distributing PrintControls with Your Application

PrintControls files to distribute at runtime
You need to distribute the PrintControls.dll and PrintChaining.dll assemblies with your application. There are several ways to locate the correct assemblies:
1. The easiest way to do this is to build an installer project for your app and it will automatically pull in the correct versions.
2. Another way is to set copy local to true for the PrintControls and PrintChaining references in your project, this will cause to copy them through to your bin directory and you can pick them up from there with your .exe and copy them to the same location as your exe on the target machine.
3. The final way is to copy them manually from their instralled locations under Program Files on your development machine, which are usually:
C:\Program Files\TMG Development Ltd\PrintControls Printing Components\bin\PrintControls.dll
C:\Program Files\Common Files\TMG Development Ltd\PrintChaining\\printchaining.dll

Whichever way you do it, you only need these 2 dlls, and they need to go in the same forlder as your application exe on the target machine.