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PrintControls PictureThe PrintControls library provides a set of .NET Windows Forms controls that are specifically designed to produce scalable graphical output suitable for sending to the printer. This means that when designing your application using PrintControls, you can print any part of your form by simply calling Print on the outermost container control.

To read some more about using PrintControls in an application, see the Getting Started with PrintControls document.

For a comparison of PrintControls with our other products PrintForm and PrintAdapters see the Product Comparison.

Click here to download a free trial version of PrintControls for .NET.



All PrintControls integrate with the Visual Studio .NET design environment and the .NET printing architecture. This means that you can design the style of your printed output in the VS.NET designer, without any coding, and then print or print preview using the standard .NET PrintPreviewDialog and PrintDocument classes.

Printing and Image Output:

  • Printing via the IPrintableControl interface
  • Save to file
  • Exact printed output sizing
  • Chain multiple printouts together using PrintChaining
  • PrintChaining compatible with PrintForm and PrintAdapters IChainedDocument interface

UI Features:

  • All controls derived from a common base
  • Border and fill settings fully customisable
  • Fine-grained paint event model supports custom painting


  • Barcode
  • Checkbox
  • Line
  • Panel
  • PictureBox
  • Label

See the Product Comparison for more details about each of these features.


Version History


For version history and latest release notes please see the latest version readme.

Click here to download a free trial version of PrintControls for .NET.