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Note: the PrintForm walkthrough requires a Java Plug-in of version 1.3.1 or above. To view the walkthrough now click here.
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PrintForm for .NET helps you to add printing support to your application quickly and easily with practically no coding - by printing the Windows .NET Forms that you have already designed and coded using Visual Studio .NET. Click here to see some more screenshots.

PrintForm renders each individual control using the same code used to draw it to the screen - resulting in a high quality, resolution independent printout. Add to this header and footer support, scaling and autofit options, customizable print background colors for each control, exclusion of individual controls from the print and the ability to chain the output of multiple PrintDocuments together, and you have a highly versatile tool for custom printing.

PrintForm .NET is supplied with a wide variety of samples and complete help file documentation.


Feature Summary

  • PrintForm prints the contents of any .NET Windows Form or other container control, either direct to the Printer, or to the PrintPreviewDialog, or via the PrintControl method to any Graphics object. The full area of a scrollable control (e.g. Form, Panel, TabPage with AutoScroll set true) is printed.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the .NET printing architecture - PrintForm is derived from .NET's PrintDocument class and plugs directly into the PrintPreviewDialog etc classes supllied with the .NET framework
  • PrintChainManager component facilitates printing the output of multiple PrintForm components in a sequence over multiple pages
  • PrintForm can render all 100% managed Windows Forms controls, and has support for the majority of controls which use legacy technology (such as those from the Windows Common Controls dll - ListView, TreeView, DatePicker etc). PrintForm also supports printing .NET TabletPC controls (Microsoft.Ink.InkEdit and Microsoft.Ink.InkPicture) and ActiveX controls accessed via COM Interop
  • Provides Header and Footer support
  • Supports printing Form controls with an alternative BackColor (for example controls that display on screen with a grey background can be printed with a white background)
  • Supports hiding individual controls at print time (for example preventing the control logic on a Form, such as the OK and Cancel buttons from appearing on the printout)
  • AutoFit to Page with X/Y Centering option (PrintForm.AutoFit and PrintForm.CenterStyle properties)
  • Print Borders of Forms for Screen Shot printout (PrintForm.PrintBorders property)
  • Manual Zoom setting (PrintForm.ManualZoom property)
  • PrintForm.PreDraw event allows you to take charge of printing a particular control
  • PrintForm.PrintControl method allows you render any control to any Graphics object - use PrintForm in custom printing / owner draw scenarios



Version History


For version history and latest release notes please see the latest version readme.

Click here to download a free trial version of PrintForm for .NET.