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Note: the PrintForm walkthrough requires a Java Plug-in of version 1.3.1 or above. To view the walkthrough now click here.
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  • Click here to read the readme file for the latest release.

Installation Notes

You must be logged in as an Administrator when you install Printing for .NET. After the installation process has completed you will need to add the PrintPreviewDialog component to your Toolbox in Visual Studio.NET using the following procedure:
1) Open the Visual Studio .NET editor.
2) Right click on the 'General' tab of the Toolbox, and select 'Customise Toolbox...'. (You may alternatively add it to the Windows Forms tab, or create a new tab).
3) Select the '.NET Framework Components' tab of the Customise Toolbox Dialog and scroll down until you find 'Printing'; check this and click OK.
You should now be able to drag a PrintPreviewDialog component from the General Tab of the Toolbox onto your Form's component tray.



Click here to download a free trial version of Printing PrintPreviewDialog for .NET.