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Windows Form PrintPreview Controls (Full Version)

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New Features in Version

New Features in Version

New Features in Version

Features in Version

Installation Instructions

You must be logged in as an Administrator when you install PrintPreview.NET. To begin the installation process, run the setup.exe program included with your installation files. After the installation process has completed you will need to add the PrintPreview components to your Toolbox in Visual Studio.NET using the following procedure:

1. Open the Visual Studio .NET editor.
2. Right click on the 'General' tab of the Toolbox, and select 'Customise Toolbox...'. (You may alternatively add it to the Windows Forms tab, or create a new tab).
3. Select the '.NET Framework Components' tab of the Customise Toolbox Dialog and scroll down until you find 'PrintPreview' with a namespace of TMGDevelopment.Windows.Forms. Check this, highlight the row and click the namespace column header to sort by namespace. Check all the other controls in the TMGDevelopment.Windows.Forms namespace and click OK.

You should now be able to drag any PrintPreview component from the General Tab of the Toolbox onto your Form.

Getting Started

PrintPreview includes a number of sample applications, but probably the best place to get started is with the documentation in the help file, installed under the PrintPreview entry on your Start menu.

If you have any problems using PrintPreview, please contact us via our website at

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