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Note: the PrintForm walkthrough requires a Java Plug-in of version 1.3.1 or above. To view the walkthrough now click here.
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PrintForm .NET Screenshots  

PrintForm for .NET helps you to add printing support to your application quickly and easily with almost no coding - by printing the Windows .NET Forms that you have already designed and coded using Visual Studio .NET.

PrintForm adds a range of options to each control on a Windows .NET Form allowing you to customise the way it appears on the printout, including Background Color at Print Time and Visibility at Print Time.

Here are some of the things you can do with PrintForm:

A Single Form Barcode Label Application
Here printing support is added by dropping PrintForm and PrintPreviewDialog components onto the form. Note in this example how PrintForm is only printing the contents of the white Panel:

click to enlarge image

A .NET TabletPC Data Collection Application

Here's PrintForm in use in a .NET TabletPC application (the AutoClaims .NET sample supplied with the TabletPC sdk). PrintForm is capable of printing TabletPC InkEdit and InkPicture controls, as well as all the standard Forms controls. Note how the PrintForm output is fully scalable without loss of quality (excluding bitmaps).

This is the Form as displayed on the TabletPC screen...


This is PrintForm providing a PrintPreview of the Form at 50% zoom...


And this is the PrintPreview at 100%...


Click images to enlarge.


Multipage Data Collection Application

This is the TaxForm sample application provided with PrintForm. In this application PrintForm provides the printing support for each of a sequence of forms in the application, and the PrintForm PrintChainManager component is responsible for chaining the printed output together into a single printed document.

click to enlarge image

Further Samples

Below are screenshots of some of the samples provided with PrintForm.

Sample 1 : SimpleForm
This example demonstrates the basic process of printing a Windows Form using PrintForm. Note that the Form is printed 'as is' with the contents of each control preserved

click to enlarge image

Sample 2 : HeaderFooter
This example demonstrates adding a header and footer to a printout using PrintForm. Note that the print background color of the Form in this example has been set to white

click to enlarge image

Sample 3 : StockQuote
This example demonstrates using dynamically created UserControls with a Form to be printed using PrintForm, and printing controls with graphical elements such as the colored arrows, and the windows calendar control. Note also that the Form contains a scrolling region (a Panel control), and that PrintForm prints the entire contents of the Panel independent of the position of the scrollbar

click to enlarge image

Sample 4 : MultiPage
This example demonstrates producing multipage reports using PrintForm, with a different page layout on each page. Also demonstrated is PrintForm's ability to print custom graphics created at runtime as a response to user input (in this application the user can mark areas of the car image with crosses to indicate damage). Note that the application has a tab control with two pages, each of these is used as a source for the printed area of a separate page

click to enlarge image



Click here to download a free trial version of PrintForm for .NET.