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HowTo: Use the PrintForm PrintPageComplete Event to Draw 'Rubber Stamp' Text on Top of the Printout

ID: W3298004



The System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument class raises a PrintPage event to give you an opportunity to draw the content of the page, but PrintForm, which is derived from PrintDocument, draws its content on the page after the PrintPage event has fired, so if you want to draw on top of the page after all drawing has completed you must use the PrintForm.PrintPageComplete event.

Drawing in the PrintPageComplete Event

Handle the PrintForm PrintPageComplete event and add the following code to draw rotated 'rubber stamp' style text on top of the page output.

C# Code Sample:

private void printForm1_PrintPageComplete(object sender, TMGDevelopment.Printing.PrintPageCompleteEventArgs e)
  this.DrawTextRotated("Not Valid", e.Graphics, e.PageBounds, 315F, true);

private void DrawTextRotated(string text, Graphics graphics, Rectangle bounds, float rotation, bool hollow)
  // make sure no transformations we apply here affect subsequent graphics operations
  System.Drawing.Drawing2D.GraphicsContainer gc = graphics.BeginContainer();
  System.Drawing.Font f = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 100);
  System.Drawing.SizeF sizeText = graphics.MeasureString(text, f);
  // find centre of drawing rectangle
  System.Drawing.Point pointCentre = new System.Drawing.Point(bounds.Width / 2, bounds.Height / 2);
  graphics.TranslateTransform(pointCentre.X, pointCentre.Y);
  // rotate around centre point
  // calc start point for text centered in bounding rect, based on text length
  System.Drawing.Point pointStart = new System.Drawing.Point(-(int)(sizeText.Width / 2), -(int)(sizeText.Height / 2));
  if (hollow)
    // hollow text, draw as path outline
    System.Drawing.Drawing2D.GraphicsPath path = new System.Drawing.Drawing2D.GraphicsPath();
    float emSize = 100F * f.SizeInPoints / 72F;
    path.AddString(text, f.FontFamily, (int)f.Style, emSize, pointStart, StringFormat.GenericDefault);
    Pen pen = new Pen(Brushes.Gray, 2F);
    graphics.DrawPath(pen, path);
    // filled text
    graphics.DrawString(text, f, System.Drawing.Brushes.Gray, pointStart);
  // restore previous transforms etc



Last updated 04-Aug-2019