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HowTo: Distribute PrintAdapters with Your Application

ID: W3298008



This document details the PrintAdapters files you should ship with your application.


Applications using PrintAdapters require that the following two assemblies are present in the same folder as the executable: TMGDevelopment.PrintAdapters.dll and TMGDevelopment.Shared.dll

There are several ways to locate the correct assemblies:
1. The easiest way is to build an installer project for your app and it will automatically pull in the correct versions.
2. Another way is to set copy local to true for the TMGDevelopment.PrintAdapters and TMGDevelopment.Shared references in your project, this will cause Visual Studio to copy them to your bin directory and you can pick them up from there with your .exe and copy them with your exe to the target machine. Remember to turn off copy local again afterwards.
3. The final way is to copy them manually from their instralled locations under Program Files on your development machine, which are usually:
C:\Program Files\TMG Development Ltd\PrintAdapters Printing Components\bin\TMGDevelopment.PrintAdapters.dll
C:\Program Files\Common Files\TMG Development Ltd\PrintChaining\\TMGDevelopment.Shared.dll


Last updated 23-Sep-2019